Inside The April Box

Strong Mama Healthy Lifestyle Cards

36 A6 cards designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for mamas, presented in a white cardboard box. They cover 3 sections – Strong Mama Daily, Strong Mama Body and Strong Mama Mental Wealth.

The Strong Mama Daily cards include reminders of tasks every mama should be completing daily such as reminders to drink water, pelvic floor exercises and preparing food.

The Strong Mama Body cards start with a section focussed on ‘restoring your core’ – of utmost importance before beginning any other exercise regime following childbirth. This is followed by cards designed to improve cardio fitness, and upper and lower body strengthening sections. The cards could be used individually for a quick ‘burst’ workout or combined to provided longer exercise sessions.

Finally the Strong Mama Mental Wealth cards prescribe tasks designed to support the mental health of mamas – such as suggesting meeting friends for a coffee, having some ‘me time’ and a short mindfulness exercise. Both the Daily and Mental Wealth cards have positive affirmations on the front designed to be read out loud helping to focus and promote the task they are prescribing.

Aswell as....

A Golden Milk Chocolate Bunny Rabbit from Creightons

Unleash your wild side with a Tiger Animask from madbeauty 

A mini pot of Sleepy Head beauty balm by madebycoopers 

Plus a few tiny little surprises to put a Spring in your step 

The Mini April Box

This month's mini box features a selection of the above treats and includes:

Golden Milk Chocolate Bunny Rabbit

Tiger Animask 

and a few little surprises